Dues go towards maintaining the common areas (pool maintanance, electricity, landscaping, street lights ect.), Accounting/property manager fees, Insurance and other miscelanous fees.

Dues are required to by the first of each month. Current monthly dues are $35..00. All late payment will acrue 8% interest.

Pool Privledges are granted to residents who have no outstanding balance on their Sherman & Hemstreet account. Check to make sure you have no balance that needs to be paid on their Payment Portal. If your balance is current we may have restricted your pool use for Community violations. Please reach out to a member of the board if you insist there is an error.

Dues are calculated by taking the total estimated monthly expenses and dividing it amongst the 251 residents. However, this does not include the unanticapted repairs or renovations that occasionly need to be made. There are two common options to pay for these expenses: aassesments and savings. Assesments will take the quote for the project and divide it amognst the residences for a one time fee (if a new pool were $251,000, each resident would pay a one time fee for the repair of $1000). The other option is through savings, which River Bluff utilizes. In 2018 we increased the dues by $10 dolars a month to go save for any projects that would be in the future, such as the 2021 pool repair.

Directors are not paid for their time and is solely a volenteered position.

The Board strives to make sure that the choices made result in the best outcome for the community, it is nearly impossible for all 251 memebers to agree with a decision. If you would like to make a sugestion reach out to a director to voice your opinion. Or, be the change you want to see and volenteer for the board.


Being on the board is as simple as expressing intrest! We hold nominations at the annual meeting every September. The other option is to become a Trustee, which is a non-voting member who sits in on board meetings and can help make decisions.